My name is Camilla Liljestrand and I freelance as an editor & colorist with my company LILJESTRAND FILM.

I live in Sundsvall, Sweden and work in DaVinci Resolve Studio. For efficient feedback I use Vimeo Collaboration Tool, which enables you to leave comments directly on the video without handling timecodes.

I'm a filmmaker form the start and know when money is tight. I take on passion projects, low budget - and anything above. I love to collaborate with new people and build a strong network that we can relay on for future projects!

If you're looking to fix individual shots that are underexposed, filled with noise, or you want to add effects to an overall project like an old VHS look or soften drone sharpness - feel free to also contact me!

Sometimes our need is just that finishing touch.


Mail me directly at: liljestrandfilm@gmail.com

Or If you prefer, send me a message on my Instagram or Facebook.